Bella Swan

Bella Swan is a 17 year old Phoenix native that moves to Forks, Washington because she felt that she was holding her mother, Renee Dwyer, back from traveling with her new husband, and Bella's new step-dad, around for his "strickly minor-league" baseball career. While living in Forks with her dad, Charlie Swan, she meets the love of her life, Edward Cullen, and soon finds out by his distinct behavior that he and his "family" are vampires. The five foot four teen finds realizes that diaster that follows her and Edward always happens to be there to save the selfless red-head from trouble.

Played By: Kristen Stewart

Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen  was born on June 20, 1901 and turned into a vampire while dying of Spanish influenza. All Elizebeth, his mortal mother, wanted was for Dr. Carlisle Cullen to do all in his power to prevent the death of her son to the life-taking disease. His whole adopted family are vampires and even though Bella begs him to turn her into a vampire as himself, he refuses. The six foot two vampire has a undesirable love for Bella and her discrete smell. She also has an lingering love for him as well. He always seems to show up when ever Bella is in need or in trouble. Edward Cullen is very protective of Bella treats her as his own daughter!                             

Played By: Robert Pattinson

Emmett Cullen

 Emmett Cullen was born in 1915 . While on a hunting trip in 1935, at age 20, he was mauled by a bear. Rosealie, a vampire, saved him and carried him over 100 miles to Carlisle and begged him to change him into a vampire because she thought that he resembled one of her best friends baby and felt the need to protect him. He is describled as a "big and loveable teddy-bear," but is still six foot five and a protecter of his family. Emmett loves to joke around alot, yet is very competative and muscular.

Played By: Kellan Lutz

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie was born in 1915 and rescued Emmett after a bear attacked him and carried him over 100 miles to Carlisle to have him turn him into a vampire for pure immortality. She did this kind deed because she thought he looked like her best friends baby, and felt the urge to need to protect him. Royce King ll had a feel for her and the two became engadged. One night she as she was walking home from her best friend Vera's house, she stumbled upon a drunk Royce while he bragged about her beauty, which led to her being beaten and left to die. Dr. Carlisle came upon her and decied to change her into a vampire. After the transformation, she tourtered and killed all who had beaten her, but did not drink their blood. At first, she hates Bella, jealous of her humanity, but later on they get used to eachother and become friends.

Played By: Nikki Reed